Case studywriting for Trollbӓck+Company (below)


Evolve Apple’s sophisticated brand language with compelling visuals for product launches and campaigns.

Develop unique, beautiful, consumer-facing perspectives showcasing the capabilities of Apple’s iOS and hardware in relation to new products.

Stunning iOS displays and spirited product-driven films demonstrate Apple’s dedication to redefining the limits of design and technology.

Swift Playgrounds

To promote their popular learn-to-code app, Swift Playgrounds, Apple invited us to work on an international campaign for programmable robotic toys. Our videos demonstrate how the app puts young coders in control to make Sphero’s SPRK+ roll; UBTECH’s Jimu Robot Meebot dance; and Parrot’s Mambo MiniDrone fly. Produced in six different languages for international markets, the videos appear in the Apple Store and online to encourage connected play.

Apple Store

Video walls and interactive displays in Apple’s retail environments are designed to showcase new products and maximize user experience. From built-in features to promotional campaigns, our collateral has appeared in over 200 retail stores in the U.S. alone, introducing consumers to the latest capabilities of Apple software and iOS-compatible tech.

3D Touch

The iPhone 6s was the first to debut Live Photos: a camera-based feature leveraging new 3D Touch technology to transform still photographs into short animations. We created dreamlike animated wallpapers of betta fish that came preloaded on all iPhone 6s models and beyond. In addition, the videos were incorporated into interactive “force touch” tables to teach consumers about the enhanced user experience.

Holiday Retail 

To help drive in-store and online sales, we created three product videos for high-tech accessories available exclusively at Apple. To show off the professional grade specs and portability of the DJI Mavic Pro drone, we shot a product video from the point of view of the user and the drone itself. The film combines practical product demonstration with an engaging, relatable narrative that unfolds against the Moab desert.

Apple Accessories 

Our hands-on, live-action approach to Roli Blocks and Playdoh Touch unlocks the creative possibilities of both iOS-compatible devices. We shot hands off all shapes and sizes making music and building virtual worlds, emphasizing the power of touch to create new sights and sounds.

Behind the Scenes

From Phantom cameras to coding sequences, our production process is driven by the end-user experience. We interface directly with all of Apple’s new technology to tell unique, holistic narratives that beautifully capture iOS capabilities and new product benefits. 

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