Evan Williams Bourbon + Major League Baseball®

Creative Territory // Branded Content Series 

As part of Evan Williams Bourbon’s ongoing partnership with the MLB®
I developed the “Taste of Victory” creative territory to inform social campaign assets, as well as sponsored content on the MLB® Network. 

Digital opportunities including homepage takeovers, editorial content, and banners, integrated the brand into key content areas on the MLB.com® as well as their mobile app and social channels. An Evan Williams newsletter was also sent to MLB®'s huge subscriber base.



Your team has nine innings to get a W, and there’s a lot they have to do right—consistently. Lining up the right batters. Calling the right pitches. Swinging at the right time. Baseball is a game of inches, and every decision that’s made right can lead to victory.

That’s why baseball fans have passion and patience in equal measure. At Evan Williams, we share your spirit. Those are the qualities our team practices every day and pours into every barrel of our Bourbon. We take pride in celebrating every ingredient and obsess over every detail. That’s how we manage to produce a winning lineup of Bourbons that are worthy of all your celebrations—whether you’re dancing in the stands or in your living room.

In baseball and in Bourbon, being fanatical isn’t what sets people apart—it’s what brings people together. So whether it’s an out that ends the inning or a home run that (finally!) breaks the curse, show your appreciation for baseball played right. Enjoy the smooth Taste of Victory with #TeamEvan.

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles