Tishman Speyer “Find Your Zo” 

Naming and Development  // Copywriting  // B2B Marketing  

Working with Red Peak and Trollbäck+Company, I helped develop the language of the Tishman Speyer's wellness service program, Zo. This included the Zo _____ tagline for each service bucket, which simply and effectively communicates the platforms benefits to clients and consumers (e.g. Zo easy, Zo useful, Zo relaxing). I also generated bespoke URL options for the website, conducting an audit of available domains from which findyourzo.com was selected.

Sample E-mail Blast

There are things you want. And there are things you need.
But how do you balance both?

At Tishman Speyer, we understand how hard that can be do. So we asked you: What can we do to help?

Introducing Zo: an elite concierge service program coming to Tishman Speyer properties around the world.

It brings you ways to relax, savor, heal, and mingle. It’s space where you can perfect your balancing act: of work and life, planning and leisure, budgets and time. Where you can balance your accounts, and enjoy a balanced meal. Excel as project manager, and as a parent.

Strike the right balance. Welcome to Zo.

B2B One Pager

At Tishman Speyer, we want to elevate experience. Thoughtful, state-of-the-art services are what distinguish the properties in our global portfolio.

We believe that by leveraging our space, we can create ways to alleviate stress. It might be the stress of competitive industry and tight deadlines; or it might be more personal, like who will pick up the kids after school. It sounds simple, but we feel that if we can do our part to make people’s  lives easier, everyone wins. Less time spent worrying about balancing work and life means more time focusing. Employees who feel better, work better.

Over the past year, we asked our tenants, “How can we improve your experience?” We listened. We researched. Our latest strategic initiative provides amenities that haven’t existed in multi-tenant office buildings until now: services that simplify, raise the bar, and make you think, “How did we ever live without...?” The result is an  innovative program that transforms our buildings into more than just workspace. It’s space to thrive.

Covering everything from personal shopping to unforeseen daycare needs, we are making life services more accessible from your office. These virtual and in-person services have been developed as direct-to-tenant offerings, as well as bundles subsidized by our corporate tenants to benefit their employees.

Tenant Employee Conveniences

  • Personal Errands like dry cleaning, prescription delivery, shoe shines, direct-to-desk food delivery, manicures, and personal shopping
  • Wellness services including on-site medical care, massages, meditation, and yoga
  • Education offerings such as comedy, culinary, and language classes. 

Corporate Tenant Benefits

  • Vetted courier services delivering direct to employees (food, prescriptions, dry cleaning)  
  • Flex Space that can be rented for coworking space, executive suites, or conference rooms
  • Professional services including outsourced human resources and discounted travel plans
  • Childcare offered on site or in-home for when employees’ are stuck in a parenting bind

As a leading owner, developer, operator, and fund manager of first-class real estate around the world, Tishman Speyer is uniquely positioned to pilot this program, as well as add value and reduce costs in the short and long term. We are equipped to offer our corporate tenants preferred rates, and can tap into a network of trusted vendors to partner with our offerings. We plan to launch the program at Rockefeller Center, ahead of a national rollout with potential for global expansion. No matter where you are, we want your workplace to work for you.

We believe our initiative will become the industry standard, because it’s a win-win for everyone: our investors; employees who value work-life balance; and corporations who profit by attracting new talent, increasing productivity, and raising retention rates.

Because when our tenants succeed, we succeed. It’s that simple.

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles